What color is a lemon?

Can you walk when seeing in reverse?

Scisense was born out of love and longing to bring you back to the innate curiosity we all have. It is an interactive museum with physics experiments and other surprises to play and discover new aspects of our world!

Scisense consists of two parts:

  • The interactive experiments, aimed at children aged 3-93. More than 100 interactive experiments await both young and old to wonder and discover by playing. The experiments are divided into 7 paths, each of which is a personal and unique experience! Find more on the "Visit" tab.

  • The educational workshop, aimed at children aged 7-17. It consists of groups divided by age. Children can experience, through experiments and other surprises, different qualities of beauty in our world. The subject of each workshop is related to the corresponding school material but also to many more. Find more on the "Lab" tab.


Interactive physics experiments for everyone!



Playing sparks curiosity and curiosity drives discovery!


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The only interactive physics museum in Chania!

Set your curiosity free!